ASOS Customer Complains Using Lyrics From Eminem’s ‘Stan’, Retailer Keeps It Classy By Rapping Back

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An ASOS shopper has started what could possibly be the best customer service dialogue on the internet right now.

Jay Whalley‎, from Preston, posted on the brand’s Facebook wall after having a problem exchanging an order – but instead of just posting a simple complaint, he worded it using lyrics from Eminem’s hit single ‘Stan’.

Read Whalley’s message in full below:

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Hilariously, ASOS customer service representative Rihanna (who deserves a promotion fyi) responded to its “biggest fan” with an equally amazing rap-themed reply.

Her full message reads:

Some ASOS followers are praising the retailer’s reply, with one user claiming it’s “simply the greatest thing I’ve possibly ever read”.

But others are berating the brand for not using Eminem’s reply verse from ‘Stan’ as the inspiration for the response.

“9/10 for effort. 2/10 for execution. Must try harder Rianna,” one commenter wrote.

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