“Sierra has been my virtual fitness trainer for over 2 years. We meet 3 times a week. I feel it is a great benefit for my strength. It’s a pleasure to work with Sierra for over 2 years now. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years. She knows when and how to challenge me. I get along with her well. I plan to keep training with Creative Fitness indefinitely. I highly recommend her as a fitness trainer.”

Sherry V.

“Creative Fitness has made such a positive impact on our health, mobility, and lives! Could not make this journey of stroke recovery without their expertise!”

Cindi Costa

“Sierra helped me regain my strength after major surgery and has been an incredibly positive motivator. I’ve felt terrific improvements in my health since working with her and I’m excited for more!”

Ren Isen

“Sierra is very persistent, and kind. We’ve worked together for over two years. She’s helped me get stronger and healthier since my stroke. She is such a joy to have come into my home. I love the variety of activities she has me do.”

J. Z.